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I loved every petal off of every bud on top of each stem complimented by the leaves they earned.

Coraline Neil Gaiman Book Cover Illustration

"Coraline" by Neil Gaiman, illustration by Karl James Mountford - I enjoy this type of illustration, however, it seems that everyone nowadays is doing this stylistic kind of drawing and I honestly think that it can be way too flat a lot of the time.

EMPOWERING & CREATIVE & QUIRKY - The true "girl power" lies in the strength to empower each other! ❤️ tag your girl friend who needs to read this!

Pottery | éric hibelot & jean-marc fondimare

Éric Hibelot & Jean-Marc Fondimare are French ceramic designers that together are, l’atelier des garçons…

Illustration from 1950's children's book The Musical Umbrella by Friedrich Feld

(Illustration from children's book The Musical Umbrella by Friedrich Feld) Mid Century Vintage Illustration