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Praise you Lord for our struggles, so we may grow. Praise you Lord for the joy you bring, so we may glorify you! Thank you Lord for the rainbows & the rain. ღ

Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, grandmother of Henry VIII, Margaret, and Mary Tudor

~the Chapter House became the Royal bedroom of Catherine of Aragon (King Henry VIII's first wife) and the Warming House became Henry VIII's Bath House.

Hampton Court Palace. Cardinal Thomas Wolsey took over the site of Hampton Court Palace in 1514. He was Henry VIII's Chief Minister. Henry stayed in the state apartments as Wolsey's guest immediately after their completion in 1525. Wolsey only owned the palace for a few years. In 1528, he gave the palace to Henry as a gift in order to win the King's favor. This was Henry's primary residence. Much of Henry’s Tudor palace can be viewed today and is the only surviving Tudor palace

Lady Margaret Beaufort 1443–1509; ambitious mother of Henry VII, grandmother of Henry VIII, and great grandmother of Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I

Original marriage contract between Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, circa 1503.

Elizabeth Amadas (died 1532) was a lady at the royal court of King Henry VIII of England who was accused of treason. She had described Anne Boleyn as a harlot, and said that she should be burnt. She also said that the King, by setting aside Katherine of Aragon for a younger woman, was encouraging the men of England to do the same. She later was released but didn´t recover her position at court. She was also the target of the Kings relentless advances, but never stated if she gave in.

Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, son of Mary Boleyn, nephew of Anne Boleyn, possible son of Henry VIII

This is where King Henry VIII was enthroned in 1509. Since 1308, when it was commissioned by King Edward I, all but two monarchs have been crowned in the chair. This image was taken in 1987 when the Stone of Scone was still there.

Tudor dog collar. There were several dog collars in Henry VIII's Inventory and 65 leashes for hounds which were kept in the closet next to the privy chamber at Greenwich. This is one of the few remaining items.

Henry VII & Elizabeth of York Tomb: Westminster Abbey

Coin from the reign of Henry VIII during his marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

Henry VIII's tapestries at Hampton Court palace. Tapestries where so expensive that one was worth the same amount as a warship like the Mary Rose. These are made using silver and gold threads.

Henry the VIII's room at Hampton Court | The ghost of one of Henry VIII's wives, Katherine Howard, is supposed to appear in this area, The Haunted Gallery near the Chapel Royal. She escaped her apartments where she was being held captive for crimes of treason, and fled to meet Henry when he emerged from the Chapel, pleading for mercy.

Purse, 16th century: donated to British Museum and labeled "Given by Henry VIII to Anne Bullyne"

Hampton Court Palace. Home of King Henry VIII

State Apartments of Henry the VIII | Queen Mary's State Bed Chamber, Hampton Court from Pyne's "Royal ...

Inside the Great Watching Chamber - Hampton Court Palace, UK The Great Watching Chamber was originally the first of Henry VIII's state rooms and was used for entertaining those members of the court who had attained the status of baron or above. Pictured: part of a huge tapestry on one of the walls

This document shows the young crowned Henry VIII enthroned under the Tudor rose with orb and sceptre. The image might have been a stock one that had previously been deployed for Henry VII and adapted once Henry VIII came to the throne. This is one of several surviving images of the young Henry where he is clean shaven. It is alleged that Catherine of Aragon implored Henry to shave on a daily basis, but history does not reveal whether he agreed to her request.

Jasper Tudor son of Owen Tudor and Katherine of Valois (widow of Henry V) and half brother of Henry VI. Brother of Edmund Tudor (father of the future Henry VII). Jasper played a major role on behalf of the Lancastians in the Wars of the Roses and was with his nephew Henry Tudor in exile in Brittany. He married during Henry VII's reign, but had no legitimate heir.

Psalm 103 :8 (1611 KJV !!!!) " The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy."

Psalm 103 :8 (1611 KJV !!!!) " The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy."

Grace says that though I am flawed I am cherished. Grace is the only thing that is ever enough. #grace #homeword