This sensory activity is great for helping kids feel more calm, relaxed and self-regulated.  Cloud Dough - 8 cups flour & 1 cup baby oil.  It feels like flour as you run your fingers through it, but it's moldable.

Moon Sand or Cloud Dough: 8 cups flour & 1 cup baby oil. It feels like flour as you run your fingers through it, but it's moldable. A wonderful sensory activity for children. Easy clean up.

Worry Warriors: Help Kids Cope with Anxiety

"Spin-Doctor Parenting": Worry Warriors:Help Kids Cope with Anxiety. The first one has some great targets worries but you could do activities with perseverative thoughts

clear gel glue to make it go slower or more water to make it settle faster

Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer: Glitter bottles for kids to hold during time out. Once all the glitter settles the child can get out of time out. It takes about 5 minutes for all the glitter to fall to the bottom. Helps kids calm down during time out.

Help the kids calm down when they are overstimulated with one of these activities

Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep: Collection of Calming Activities for Kids

Quiet time activities to help kids relax when they are in an overstimulating environment. And tons of other ideas/crafts/activities

Strategy Sandwiches

This activity is called Strategy Sandwiches. Use this idea with the book "The Sandwich Swap". Students can either write main idea and supporting details or make a Story Map using all of the sandwich pieces!

Calming Lavender cloud dough- sensory play to help sooth and calm little ones before bed or during frustrating or tough times of the day.

Calming Lavender cloud dough sensory activity- nice before bedtime calming activity

Please Explain “Anxiety” to Me! Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents by Laurie Zelinger, PhD and Jordan Zelinger ~  It has advice for parents to help them help their child. Best of all it has self-care strategies that children can rely on to help them turn their internal worry switches to the OFF position.

Please Explain Anxiety to Me! Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents (Growing With Love): Laurie Zelinger, Jordan Zelinger, E.

Breathing Lessons | There's an app for that!

Breathing Lessons app teaching better breathing in 8 quick lessons - reduce stress, improve focus, increase vitality

The Goodnight Caterpillar: A Relaxation Story... Techniques to Lower Stress Levels and Control Stress & Anxiety

For with caterpillar clips.The Goodnight Caterpillar: A Relaxation Story Introducing Kids Anger Management Techniques to Lower Stress Levels and Control Anger and Anxiety

"Belly Cycle" - Have your child lie on her back, place a small stuffed animal on her belly and have her take it for a ride. Make the animal ”go uphill” with the inhale, by making the belly as big as possible. Then “go downhill” with the exhale, flattening the belly or even creating a “valley” by hollowing it out. Talk about how calm it is for the animal to move slowly and smoothly.

Health & Wellness: Nutrition, Fitness, Diet, Relationships & More

Children will love to experience belly breathing with playful sea otters and a sea child. This effective, self-calming technique also known as diaphragmatic breathing can have a positive impact on your child s health. Proper breathing can lower stress and anxiety levels. It can be used to decrease pain and anger. Delightful characters and easy breathing encourage your child to slow down, relax, and fall asleep peacefully. If you enjoyed A Boy and a Bear, you will love Sea Otter Cove.

Sea Otter Cove: A Relaxation Story introducing deep breathing to decrease stress and anger while promoting peaceful sleep (Indigo Ocean Dreams) - Lori Lite, Max Stasuyk: Books