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Skull 3D Lenmarco Laser, cardboard, laser cutting

Skull Lenmarco Laser, cardboard, laser cutting Macbeth anyone?

laser cut chandeliers

Seequin Seequin Chandeliers wedding design wedding decoration wedding decor Inspiration wedding inspiration wedding decor 2 inspiration found and beautiful or even for the inside of the kids playhouse

Turning 2d into 3d

Nice Rhizome: CNC Plywood Desk Lamp CNC plywood Lamp inspired by dinosaur kits by Pedro Mealha, rhizome is an exercise in re-evaluating the role of the task lamp.

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Skull Lenmarco Laser, wooden pens holder, plywood, laser cutting [][] I like the combo of cutout and surface design

#3DPrinted #LowPoly Roaring Lion

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