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    Inuit & Eskimo Art

    Inuit & Eskimo Art

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    Alaska: Eskimo Goose, carved from fossilized whale baleen and bone, DD96 Aningayou

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    ALASKA: Tribal Group: Eskimo Alaska : Eskimo : Mask, ossified whalebone vertebrae, smiling face with inlaid walrus tusk eyes and decoration DB39

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    Alaska: Eskimo. ossified whale vertebrae carving. One large face centered, with smaller faces on each side. A shamanic figure "dances" in front


    ALASKA: Eskimo Mask, ossified whalebone vertebrae, "Spirit of the Old Man of the Mountain" D829 by B. Seeganna

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    ALASKA: Eskimo Mask, made from ossified whale bone, Whalewatcher, Shamanic with miniature mask in the eye of the major face, surmounted by another smaller face, with a long slender hair cluster extending above. D036 John Koshman

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    Alaska Eskimo Mask, ossified whalebone. face with teeth, polar bear fur DH79 Evan/Apatiki

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    Alaska Eskimo Mask, ossified whalebone. smiling face, polar bear fur. DH78 Evan/Apatiki

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    Alaska : Eskimo Carving, walrus tusk, eagle D203 Mark Napowolook

    Mark Napowolook arctic Alaskan Eskimo walrus ivory eagle carving

    Alaska : Eskimo : Seal, carved from old walrus tusk. Acquired form an old collection. Di29 Attributed to Payenna

    Old ivory seal carving

    ALASKA : Eskimo Carving, cormorant rookery carved from walrus tusk. Di07 Brian Kaniugok


    ALASKA: Eskimo Goose carved from bone. Di04 Aningayou


    Alaska : Eskimo : Whale carved from old walrus tusk, lying atop a piece of uncarved walrus tusk. Acquired from an old collection. Di31

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    Alaska : Eskimo Carving, ossified whale bone, walrus reclining on another piece of bone. D339 by "FN"

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    Canada : Inuit : Carving, grey stone, eagle figure. E961 Sam Kavik.

    Canadian Inuit carving of an eagle in grey stone by Sam Kavik

    Canada: Cape Dorset : Inuit Carving, soapstone seal E637 Napatsie Sharky $110

    Napatsie Sharky arctic Canadian Inuit soapstone seal carving

    Alaskan Eskimo : Carving, walrus tusk, sea bird, resting on a baleen base. DC81

    Alaskan Eskimo walrus ivory carving of sea bird on a baleen base

    Alaska:Great Whale River : Eskimo. Carving, green matte soapstone, Shamanic figure. W307 : Nellie Nuktie.

    Alaskan Eskimo shaman carving by Nellie Nuktie, Great Whale River

    Canada : Inuit Carving, green soapstone, bird figure. W162 Olaigue Killitee

    Canadian Inuit carving of a bird in grern soapstone by Olaigue Killitee

    Alaskan Eskimo. walrus tusk and balen puffin. D901 Joe Slwooko

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    ALASKAN Eskimo, Walrus tusk seal on baleen base D899, Mitchell Toolie

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    ALASKAN Eskimo Carving, puffin, walrus tusk, DH90 Oozevaseuk


    Alaskan Eskimo hawk carved from walrus tusk on a base of the same. - Reggie Jr, DC91

    Arctic art carving - Hawk - Reggie Jr.

    Alaskan Athabascan, Remarkably detailed dog team, sled and musher, carved from fossil walrus tusk. #Di51 Leonard Savage,

    Walrus ivory dogteam, sled and musher carving

    #Di11 ALASKA: Athabascan. Carved husky on base, fossil walrus tusk, Di1, Leonard Savage

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    A truly lovable walrus carved from fossilized walrus tusk, with impressive tusks itself by Ben Pungowizji, Alaskan Eskimo - Now has a new home

    Arctic art carving - walrus - Ben Pungowizji.