1001 Things To Do With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

yay !! i'm at 82 and counting, and some of them are multiple ideas, i'm almost there !!! or, you know, not.
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totem poles - could you toilet paper tubes or wrapping paper tubes...ask for donations after Christmas

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Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Stamp Craft for Kids - Great for a 4th of July art project!

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Craft for Kids - Sassy Dealz


Make these 'hearty' tealights from corrugated cardboard and paper strips. A collection of easy ideas, from plain to elaborate.

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Toilet Paper Roll Lanterns | 22 Cool Kids Crafts You Can Make From Toilet Paper Tubes

22 Cool Kids Crafts You Can Make From Toilet Paper Tubes


wait, what? i saw the first pic and thought it got put in the wrong category. how about this? make a Basket from a Toilet paper roll - Craft ~ Your ~ Home

make a Basket from a Toilet paper roll - Craft ~ Your ~ Home



25 Things You Can Make From Empty Toilet Paper Rolls


Ok, these are actually kind of cool.

Quilled Butterflies


Up-cycled Toilet Paper Roll into a fridge pen holder

Toilet Paper Tube Craft -


Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Advent Calendar

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fourth of july crafts - one MORE use for empty toilet paper rolls!

Fourth of July Crafts


Ok these would be fun to make for some of our officers !!

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Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder ~ But this webpage no longer exists: 21 Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas ~

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Toilet Paper Roll Marble Run | 21 Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas...ok this one is kindda cute

Marble Run Game | Spoonful


More toilet paper roll wall art. The possibilities are endless!!! I love it!!

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Top 17 ideas for recycling toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls)

Top 17 Ideas for Recycling Toilet Rolls


99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier

99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier


Instead of facial tissues, use toilet paper, which costs less! Remove the cardboard core from a roll and throw away. Then place the roll inside an empty square tissue box and pull from the center of the roll through the opening. Reuse the same box over and over! (kerri added:) i'm sorry, WHAT??? throw away the empty roll???? wth are they thinking???? geez, people.

Tips to SAVE This Summer | How Does She


Store ribbon on empty toilet paper rolls and label with where you used it. I knew I'd been saving those rolls for something!

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new use for empty toilet paper rolls

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Cut empty toilet paper roll into pieces to make drying stands for Christmas ornaments

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Use empty toilet paper rolls around your young vegetables to protect them from cutworms.

Thwarting Cutworms (All Things Plants)


someone wanna help me out with this one? i'm not seeing it......thanks, kerri

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Dryer Lint + Empty Toilet Paper Roll = Homemade Fire Starter!

Homemade Fire Starter


Using empty toilet paper rolls worked great for my toddler. He made noises when he "Stamped" them and loved the use of a new tool.

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps | Pretty Prudent


Awesome Idea!! Using an empty toilet paper roll as a stencil. I am so doing this on in our 1/2 bathroom.

Just Us Four: Seeing Circles