Brenda Van der Merwe

Brenda Van der Merwe

Brenda Van der Merwe
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23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents ** NO baby should have anything more than breastmilk or formula until at least 6 months per AAP & WHO due to virgin gut***

23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents. and because I already forget what happened with Ellie Haha

Emotional Development Chart | Emotional Development | School Charts | Educational Posters

This would go for emotional development because it shows how the baby's emotions develop during the years up until age For example, at 6 months the baby enjoys being played with and starts to laugh. It all depends on the environment around the baby.

10 Holiday Makeup Tutorials for Pretty Girls

DIY Make Up ~ Holiday Shimmer Eye Makeup makeup diy holidays christmas eye shadow diy ideas easy diy diy fashion diy makeup diy tutorial diy eye liner diy picture tutorial

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

These makeup tutorials for blue eyes will make those baby blues pop! These makeup ideas will show you the best colors to create soft, bold and sexy looks.