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Camera Style

Camera Style

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Add something new to your Portland inspired photography fashion statements with the Portland Camera Strap. Get the perfect Northwest Mix of Comfort and Style. ($29)

Yup folks, we are now printing your photos human sized in lo fi black and white ink. Deck the walls! And floor. And ceiling! If you’ve done just that and want EVEN more pizzazz, we’ve got you covered. Three ways to give your prints color with some personality to boot coming atcha. Go go go!

London-based designer Lulu Guinness is bringing a whole new meaning to the venerable camera bag. Guinness teamed up with automated camera maker Autographer to create a bag that incorporates a wide-angle lens camera capable of taking up to 2,000 images in a day.

Lulu Guiness' wearable camera bag - Telegraph

Keep your camera bag organized and your photo accessories protected with the Photographer’s Pouch. Super organization ready, these guys have velcro backs so you can stick ‘em to your camera bag, the back of a wool sweater, maybe even your dog!

(6/5) We’ve teamed up with Betabrand to help the pants of the world defy gravity through the power of photos! They are designing a photo belt and giving you a chance to have your photo printed on it *and* to win neat-o prizes too.

Announcing our *very first* custom photo print service: Engineer Prints! Big big big (big) photo prints made on neat-o large format printers normally used for architecture and engineering plans. Grab your own for just $25!

BIG PRINTS by Photojojo

Photo App Pins - The Pinterest, Instagram and Photoshop icons are now fashion icons! ($12)

Photo App Pins - The Photojojo Store!

Instagram Necklaces: #selfie, #nofilter and Like - Show your Instagram love in the IRLiverse! ($25)

  • Carol Browne
    Carol Browne

    Love it.

  • Carol Browne
    Carol Browne

    I want one that says, #accordionbus

  • tatterededge

    Of course you do!

Nikon Camera Lens Mugs - Yep, still stylin! A Thermos Lens and a Zoom Mug for your imbibing pleasure! ($30-$35)

Canon Camera Lens Mugs - As awesome as ever! Our lens mug runneth over with camera-geek joy! ($24-$30)

Keep all your phoneography gear in one safe and snug spot. The iPhone Lens Wallet.

The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert turns ANY bag into a CAMERA bag. (It's pretty much in the name). ;)

The Plaid Camera Satchel is just the right size for photographers and PHONEogaphers alike.

  • Jaime Krueger
    Jaime Krueger

    Ooohh. Cute!

Hey you! You've got until noon PST today (12/19) to get free shipping for Christmas at the Photojojo store!

A juicy burger or delish donut protect your lens from scratches and add a bit of fun to your favorite gear. *Warning* Snack caps are not guaranteed to protect your lenses from being licked. In fact, they just might invite it. Yummy. Yummy.

Photojojo’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013, Part 2! | Photojojo

Meet the British bookbag inspired Cambridge Camera Bag. It’s made of ultra-lightweight material that’s easy to carry all day. It packs extra soft padding all around to give your camera a comfy ride, and looks good doing it.

  • Jeannie C
    Jeannie C

    Me want!!

Rad photographer and fellow Tumblr spotlighter, Helena Price has put together tips on how to get in with your favorite photo communities, both offline and online.

via thebeekearns(tumblr): Bronica SQ-A | Kodak Portra 120, 400 speed

Whoa, badass. Tattoo by Fabian Nitz, Rose of No Man’s Land Berlin, Germany via fuckyeahtattoos

Tiny filigree ring.

Crocodiles and cannonballs, this is how the kids at Photojojo does pool parties.

The Handy Dandy Hand Strap keeps your camera snug and secure in the palm of your hand. $40

The Polaroid Z2300, a digital camera that makes sticky-backed instant prints at the push of a button. You can even edit images before you print them! $160

The Photojojo Secret Store’s last day is this Thursday, the 31st! Make sure to come before it’s closed for good, so you can snag and/or play with all our best Photojojo goodies in real life. Where & When: 766 Valencia St. in San Francisco (that’s Cali, USA) between 1 and 7pm.

Who wants a Solid Chocolate Canon D60 (with battery grip) for Valentine's?

  • Liana S.
    Liana S.

    the only thing that could possibly make this better is if the lens and battery grip came off the camera body! (and yes josh, there was a d60 model canon. ;) just ask google, it knows!)

  • Michael J Lindsley
    Michael J Lindsley

    As long as were getting technical about camera names, especially regarding models made in 2002,Josh is correct. Canon made an EOS-D60, but never a D60. Of course you knew that, because you can use google.

  • Amber Freeman
    Amber Freeman

    Guys.... I think you're all focusing on the wrong point. This is a CHOCOLATE CAMERA. Nit-picking the name is just silly.

  • Beverly Jund
    Beverly Jund

    chocolate... camera... mmm...

  • My Sisters & Me {WoC Photographers}
    My Sisters & Me {WoC Photographers}

    for those who love chocolate with their photography.

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