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DIY Photo Projects

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DIY Photo Projects

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Stuck Inside?Indoor Photo Ideas Save the Day | Photojojo

Stuck Inside?Indoor Photo Ideas Save the Day

How to make a light studio out of school supplies!

How to Make a Mini Light Studio Using School Supplies | Photojojo

How to embroider your photos! Makes a cool artsy gift.

How to use 35mm slides for a stained glass effect!

You can make your own custom fabric print with Inkodye, a photosensitive fabric dye. (Top photo by Jessica Jones at How About Orange)

You only have so much wall space. Fit 6 photos into 1 DIY frame!

DIY: Geometric Wall Décor | Photojojo

Go grab some special things and throw together this awesome boho photo mobile! It's completely personalized art made from your photos and trinkets.

Weekend DIY: Print your photos onto fabric using the power of the sun! Inko Photo Fabric Dye kits make it easy.

These DIYs will show you that photos can be so much more than a picture in a frame!

DIY Photo Stands: How to Train Your Photojojo Dinos

3 Ways to Embellish Your Engineer Prints

3 Ways to Embellish Your Engineer Prints | Photojojo

Vintage Japanese Maps + Coasters = Awesomeness — Coastermatic

Vintage Japanese Maps + Coasters = Awesomeness — Coastermatic

#DIY Wooden Postcards with Photo Transfers by Design Mom

Wooden Postcards with Image Transfer

Our friends at Coastermatic take your photos and turn them into stone coaster sets. They're on Pinterest posting party and cocktail ideas, give them a follow!

Not many folks can pull off sunglasses indoors but we think your photos have what it takes, with DIY Sunglasses Photo Frames! Upcycle your old shades to create a totally stylin photo frame just in time for summer. Any frames will do – in fact, the kookier the better. Ready for some fun in the sun(glasses)? Come bright this way!

DIY Sunglasses Photo Frames | Photojojo

photojojo | sfgirlbybay

the big blow up. / sfgirlbybay

Photojojo Human Sized Prints

Photojojo Human Sized Prints

Giant Photo Booth prints with our new Engineer Prints!

Human-Sized Prints!

Photo booth strips are cool and all, but why so tiny? Make some GIANT A$$ photo booth pics using Engineering Prints from Photojojo!


Make your huge photos even huger with a DIY Engineering Print Wallpaper from Photojojo!


Enter You, Street Art Engineer Print Vigilante! Spice up the street with DIY Engineering Print Street Art from Photojojo!


Give your gifts an Engineer Print Hug with Engineering Print Gift Wrap from Photojojo!

PHOTO GIFT WRAP by Photojojo

Laundry is a bore – why not get crafty with those clothespins instead? Transform them into a charming Photo Clip Garland! Your photos deserve to be displayed for the world to see, and this garland is here to take care of just that. With a little knowhow, you can whip up a photo clip garland quicker than your washing machine can complete a spin cycle. The awesome bit? Clothespins make changing up the photos a snap!

DIY Photo Clip Garland | Photojojo

Boring Blazer? Tiresome Trench? Stupid Suit? No need to rush out for a full-on makeover. Give your stale clothes a splash of character with a DIY Camera Brooch. All it takes are a few supplies and your kindergarden coloring skills. You’re just twenty minutes away from adding fashionable flair to your wearisome wardrobe.

DIY: Camera Brooch | Photojojo