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Most of us think of instant photography as a fixture of the last ten years, but in reality, Kodak introduced its first instant model over 60 years ago! LIFE magazine shared a set of photos by TIME photographer Co Rentmeester who was lucky enough to experiment with one of the very first Kodak SX-70s ever produced.

When photographer Grace Chon rescued a puppy from the streets of Taiwan, she had no idea that the pup and her 10-month old son Jasper would soon become best friends. On Zoey and Jasper, Grace documents the adorable relationship through the magic of shared outfits.

Besides cats, there’s nothing more commonly photographed than sunsets. In spite of that, Bing Wright manages to capture them in a truly unique way. In “Broken Mirror/Evening Sky,” Wright photographs the reflections of magnificent sunsets on shattered mirrors.

UK-based photographer Ella Schultz sent over some incredibly surreal images from her portfolio, and we’re really digging her unique style.

Recently, New York City-based photographer Daniel Zvereff acquired some of the last remaining stock of Kodak Aerochrome film. Daniel brought the ultra-rare film to the icy arctic, transforming the sea of white into hues of magenta, purple, and blue.

Though photojournalists are increasingly facing challenges in today’s tech-oriented economy, it hasn’t stopped them from creating remarkable work. The National Press Photographer’s Association just released their yearly roundup of the best shots captured by journalists from across the world.

Keep all your phoneography gear in one safe and snug spot. The iPhone Lens Wallet.

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The Plaid Camera Satchel is just the right size for photographers and PHONEogaphers alike.

Photographer Barry Rosenthal has come up with a creative use for the trash he finds along the New York harbor beach: Organize it into brilliantly arranged compositions. In Barry’s own words, “I am a collector. The beach is my flea market and found objects my inspiration.”

If you're not up for DIYing this awesome lamp shade, its you're luck day - you can purchase one from crafters on Etsy.

This website turns your Instagrams into cute little magnets!

Photojojo Treasure Hunter and In-Phone-Editing Guru @Shelby Chen walked us through his editing process step-by-step, app-by-app. See which t...

Trained as a painter, Catherine Nelson is a digital artist who’s worked professionally on projects like Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter. On the side, she creates these stunning composite landscapes by blending her own photographs together.

Sometimes a photography project tends to drag on longer than you expected, but what if that project lasted 37 years? Now through June 15 at the New York Historical Society, Bill Cunningham is presenting his latest series of portraits that span nearly 4 decades.

We gave artist/painter/photographer/our pal Robert an iPhone Lens Dial to see what he could do with it. After a trip to California, he brought back these breathtaking pix and some beautiful words to go with ‘em.

Most delicious succulent garden! And you don't even need to water...

Washington D.C. based photographer Frank Hallam Day has an eye for capturing the unseen beauty around us. Recently, he traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to photograph the hulls of hundreds of derelict ships in the harbor.

99% of the time, pixelation is something you don’t want in your photographs, but Ed Spence has been taking an entirely different approach. Using hand-cut paper squares, Spence manually pixelizes his photographs with the primary colors in the image.

NYC-based photographer Phillip Toledano felt completely overwhelmed when his daughter was first born. So he did what he knew best—photographing as many special moments as he could. The result is his beautiful book, The Reluctant Father.

We haven’t been this excited about pockets since we got our first pair of cargo pants! We made this Scrap Book out of paper sandwich bags, so each page is also a pocket to hold your precious treasures. It holds photos in its pages and *in* its pages.

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We can’t stop taking Pano Selfies! 1. Put your phone into Pano Mode 2. Attempt a Selfie 3. LOL at the results See even more of this Silliness -> content.photojojo... gives you a glimpse into pro photographers' camera bags. Prepare yourself for a major case of gear-envy!

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