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Subtle, Defined, and Opened Eye Look for the Mature Wise Eyes - Eyeshadow tutorial for women over 60

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15 Tips to Perfect Smoky Eyes. Every girl needs to pin this #makeup

21 Steps for Creating the Perfect Smoky Eye Look …


I did this the other day- AMAZING pulled out blackheads, a little lip fuzz and left my skin super soft!

How to make your own pore strips


8 makeup mistakes that are making you look older

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Amazing Grace - Matte Revolution Lipstick is inspired by the timeless Grace Kelly and her polished perfection.

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Pat Howard

like how the softness comes with age ... harsh colors make us look older ... light, natural makeup is the best choice ...

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Video: Best make-up tips for women over 50 : Eyes | Fabafterfifty.co.uk

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Makeup for Mature Hooded Eye - YouTube

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Some good advice here - Best Glasses for Older Women //Looooove funky, big, frames. Asw

20 Tips to Picking Frames after 50


Makeup for mature women. EYES: Match shadow to eye color. Only matte, no bright/frosty. Blend w/ brush. Get lash extensions… Keep lips & cheeks natural & rosy; think youthful girl. Rose-color lipstick is essential- Change foundation shades each season. Don't over pluck eyebrows - NO strong lip color... no powder at all - Don't smile when applying blush.- NO pink-beige foundation colors. NO heavy eyeliner under eyes. Don't use eyeliner 1/3 across - go all the way across.

How to look 10 years younger


Must Read Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Must Read Makeup Tips for Women Over 50


MakeUp for Older Women: Define Your Eyes and Lips by Look Fabulous Forever. -A very nice and professionally done video of how to apply makeup on a woman with gray or white hair especially. I liked it a lot.

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Discovery Health "5 Beauty Tips for Older Women"

5 Beauty Tips for Older Women - HowStuffWorks


Tutorial: Eye Makeup for Older Eyes!! Prime Beauty Blog

Tutorial: Eye Makeup for Older Eyes!! Prime Beauty Blog


Best eye makeup for older faces

Eye makeup for older women | Simply Anti Aging


Wonderful make-up tutorial for women over 50....well I guess I need to watch this .... UGGGH!!!!! LOL!!!

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My Thirty Spot: Makeup Tricks for Younger Looking Eyes When Dealing with Wrinkles, Fine Lines, & Droopy Eyes

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Fill in those brows!! It will totally transform your face for the better! know how to do it right

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How to make your lips look bigger :)

How to make your lips look bigger :) by lilalola


Make your lips look bigger with makeup....

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What a difference the proper eye-brow can make! Brow School: Eyebrow Filling Basics #browbrowsing #skinwin #eyebrow

Brow School: Eyebrow Filling Basics - Maskcara


Lauren Conrad's excellent tutorial on how to properly contour your face with bronzer, blush, and highlighting powder. Very useful to know, and it can be done with inexpensive items from the drug store!



Short hair cut 2012 | NEW SEASON HAIRSTYLES

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Bing : Short Hair Cuts for Women

How To Sport Pixie Hairstyle For Different Face Shapes?