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    **The *F* Word**

    This is a group board dedicated to the *F* word - FEMINISM. Please feel free to pin your favorites regarding feminism, the war of women, women's reproductive and health issues and more. Invite your feminist friends! And yes, we LOVE male feminists. NO SPAM, NO SELLING OF PRODUCTS.

    **The *F* Word**

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    The male entitlement of the 'natural beauty' trend

    Big Brother is doing this now to all of us.

    The shootings are not senseless (GOOD ARTICLE)

    Wonder Woman + The Mona Lisa

    This photo series will change the way you think about your body

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie quote on gender and how we encourage our children to be

    12 Women Who Paved The Way For Body Positivity Before It Was A Buzzword | Bustle

    The Feministing Five: Naoise Dolan. Is it appropriate to cat call this woman?

    I've always considered myself a feminist, because I'm a woman, and being anything else just wouldn't make sense.

    Attorney General of Florida Pam Bondi said "thousands of rape kits are untested".

    How to Find the G-Spot


    The word "Islamophobia" exploits the pain of genuine victims of anti-Muslim bigotry, using them to stifle any and all criticism of Islam.

    Clive Barker is the LGBT* and Feminist Friendly Monarch of Horror < I'm reading an article about sexism is the fantasy genre, and Barker's "Imajica" popped in my head. Really, read it. It's fantastic and feminist, and the genderless character, Pie is worth it alone. Anyway, I went looking for something to pin for that book and ran across this. Feminist fans of horror and fantasy, read on.

    There are now states where it's not safe to be a woman. ~~ Cecile Richards

    Ugandan gay rights campaigner Kasha Nabagesera has won a Right Livelihood Award for her outstanding courage and commitment in a country in which gays and lesbians have to contend with prejudice, hatred and violence.

    Sick of all those judgmental fools, get a life!

    Women scientists made up 25% of the Pluto fly-by New Horizon team. Make sure you share this, because erasing women’s achievements in science and history is a tradition.