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**The *F* Word**

This is a group board dedicated to the *F* word - FEMINISM. Please feel free to pin your favorites regarding feminism, the war of women, women's reproductive and health issues and more. Invite your feminist friends! And yes, we LOVE male feminists. NO SPAM, NO SELLING OF PRODUCTS.

**The *F* Word**

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"We the people -- that means all of us.". I believe that's pretty clear. No exclusions, ya get it?

"We the people -- that means all of us.". I believe that's pretty clear. No exclusions, ya get it?

7 things I wish parents would stop teaching their children

Just think. . .guns have a constitutional amendment protecting them and women don't.

There's a reason gay marriage is winning while abortion rights are losing.

Shirt diy love the idea

"When I say that women are oppressed, I do not mean that men are never oppressed. Men are, not because of their gender, but because they are poor men, or racially despised men, or homosexual men, or men who do not conform to strict gender stereotypes. Women are oppressed in these ways too, and, in addition, because of their gender." - Phyllis Chesler, PH.D.

Thousands of women have shared stories of the first time they were targeted sexually by men, with some saying they were as young as 8 years old. The women were responding to a question posted on the popular social networking and news site Reddit which asked 'Women of Reddit, when did you first notice that men were looking at you in a sexual way? How old were you and how did it make you feel?' The question went viral, attracting more than 21,000 comments within a day.

"BRUISED BEHIND THE MASK” Photography project raising awareness of Domestic Violence problem. “I hide my physical and emotional bruises underneath this “happy face” mask. I put my smile on; pretending everything is fine, so no one could see or even guess how embarrassed I am, and how deeply hurt by the one I love. Just like that broken porcelain doll, every morning I glue myself together and every evening I get more shattered pieces to put together tomorrow… over and over again“


Quote from The Inspiring Mind of a Quixotic Girl by C.M. Frank www.createspace.c... #Quotes #WomensEmpowerment #WomensFiction #Books

  • Melanie Long
    Melanie Long

    Well that's disturbingly terrifying

  • Laura Beth
    Laura Beth

    I just watched a fifth estate episode last night (it's a Canadian news show for all the Americans) about Amanda Todd and that's pretty much what the guy did but she didn't give in so he released a photo he had of her and it was all downhill from there :(

  • Alex Riots
    Alex Riots

    I am so out of touch- is this a dating app or messenger? How do people find each other in this situation?

  • Laura Beth
    Laura Beth

    It's probably a dating app but I'm not sure. The thing I watched it was in webcam chat rooms. Girls, often teenagers will flash the camera, thinking it's all people their age and that it won't be saved but men (usually older) take screen caps and then threaten to release them if they don't give them private shows. Disgusting.

Buddhist monks in Burma behind push to curb Muslim birth rates. Under the law signed by president Thein Sein, governments of the 14 states and regions can request a presidential order so that local authorities can “organise” women to have a gap of 36 months between births.


  • Eva C.
    Eva C.

    One of the best talks ive ever seen

  • Laura Hill
    Laura Hill

    And barely teenaged female models are "styled" to sexualize them as consenting aged women looking impossibly young. It stinks of pedophilia.

  • Kaadeshka

    ^ well said.

Lillian is a burlesque dancer and her TEDx talk nails the key to positive body image

Black CEO Mellody Hobson discusses being mistaken for the kitchen help, and the importance of starting potentially awkward conversations about race. Click through for video.

We're men.

The definition of white privilege! Why would white people be so afraid of immigration, unless its because they are worries that they will no longer be able to hold the majority vote. Would it be so bad for the interests of others to be accounted for?

Stop Telling Girls To Cover Up. Tell Boys To Control Their Urges.

  • Emma Finlayson
    Emma Finlayson

    what's wrong with pro life? protecting a baby not even born yet? how is that wrong?

  • Alex Riots
    Alex Riots

    When you value the pregnancy over the life of the woman, that's not pro life. Now, valuing and protecting your own pregnancy and autonomy is completely acceptable.

Stop Telling Girls To Cover Up. Tell Boys To Control Their Urges.