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love this persian rug

love this persian rug

Henry Cavill lookin' smokin' in some 16th c. garb. (It's probably not 16th c. but he looks good regardless!)

Henry Cavill lookin' smokin' as Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, on Showtime's The Tudors.

Ephemeral purple gown Omgoshh its zoo beautiful ands long its one of a kind for sure <3

i cant get over this now that is a princess fairy tale dress This stopped me in my tracks, and derailed my train of thought. Every girl should have at least one princess fairy tale dress! Love this one!

Remember Ross' cute son Ben from Friends? THIS is what actor Cole Sprouse looks like now! Dang boy... good job growing up.

paulinashafir: “ Cole Sprouse shot by Paulina Shafir ” I can’t get over how beautiful he is