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Here are 14 strumming patterns to experiment with! Its easy to fall into the same old strumming pattern (I can be very guilty of this at times) But its great to explore and get used to playing lots of different strumming patterns and also is a great.

Rookie Mag: Teach Yourself How to Play Ukelele

Rookie Mag: Teach Yourself How to Play Ukelele- my Christmas present from Jeffrey! And the Beatles Ukelele lesson book .

Learn to play ukelele 16 Basic Ukulele Chords - 16 คอร์ดพื้นฐานอูคูเลเล่

Beginner tips for playing the ukulele

A guide on learning how to play the ukulele. Gives various tips for teaching yourself and explains common mistakes beginners will make while playing the ukulele.