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Math Coachs Corner: Quick and Easy Surveys. Graphs are great tools for exploring many number concepts: addition, subtraction, counting, comparison (greater than, less than, equal), and when they are based on student interests, they make math more engaging.

Math Coach's Corner: Quick and Easy Surveys

a great way to get those kinesthetic learners learning and moving. While students sing the song, they shake the same body part.

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Tens frame practice at calendar time using Velcro and counters.

Kate's Kindergarten: Morning Meeting Time

Weather Chart

Me & Marie: Calendar Folders in Pre-K

Weather Chart

Me & Marie: Calendar Folders in Pre-K

Give me 5...teacher says word and student has to high five the correct sight word to enter/exit the room.

2 Fulbright Hugs: "Give Me Five" Sight Word Practice

Easy way to do daily graph- clothespins clipped on numbered yes/no. Dry erase.

Mrs. Attaya's FIrst Grade - Gingerbread

Preschool calendar ideas

Mama Jenn: Calendar Time

Calendar math routine

Teaching in Room 6: Calendar Math -- the routine

KindergartenWorksfrom KindergartenWorks

monster numbers {tools to learn 0-10

number chants

monster numbers {tools to learn 0-10} - KindergartenWorks

Minds in Bloomfrom Minds in Bloom

Advice from the OT: Why It's So Hard for Children to Sit Still and What You Can Do About It

What a pediatric occupational therapist wants teachers to know. This first installment of a six part series focuses on why children often struggle to sit still and how you can help solve the problem.

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Pre-K Pagesfrom Pre-K Pages

Calendar Routine in Preschool


Calendar Routine in Preschool | Pre-K Pages

Common Core Math

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Morning Message Ideas -- good description of morning meeting activities

Morning Meeting

Dragonflies in First: money poem

"Name Chant" Poem

First Grade Wow: Daily Five - Read to Someone-Poetry Collections

Pre-K Pagesfrom Pre-K Pages

Mini Word Walls

transp word wall

Printable Mini Word Walls for Pre-K | Pre-K Pages

link to Word Wall Activities

Word Wall Activities

Education World: Teachers Say Word Walls Work!

Teachers Say Word Walls Work!

Word wall words made by students

Weather word wall art in PreK!

Together Time 4 Families: 2 Word Wall Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarten *and ideas for observations of students' literacy level....

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Fire Safety Preschool Pack.

Fireman Lapbook

winter words-writing center

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Theme Word Walls

Mrs. Albanese's Kindergarten Class: What a day!

Classroom Word Wall

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