Pia Schroder
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Cars langsam gegartes Pulled Pork

Cook up a batch of this savory dish for your favorite racers. Inspired by Lightning McQueen and friends, this popular recipe, perfect in pulled pork sandwiches or stuffed into tacos and burritos, will be a sure winner with your family!

Ewok Guacamole

Dip into some Endor flare by cooking up this delicious and playful Ewok Guac! Excellent for a Star Wars movie marathon and sure to be the talk of the galaxy.

Star Wars Blaue Milch

Just like Aunt Beru used to make and no Bantha-Milking required. Be the hit at your Star Wars party with the recipe for this classic Tatooine treat.

Die Eiskönigin Bento Box

Made with a corn tortilla and fresh veggies, this Olaf-inspired bento box will satisfy anyone with Frozen Fever.

Arielles Korallgurkenbecher

Dreaming of being part of their world is trying for the underwater princess. These coral cucumber snacks are the perfect pitstop and great as part of lunch or a buffet.

Balus Blaubeer Crêpes

Luckily you don’t have to go looking under the rocks and plants for this bare necessities of life. These blueberry crepes take the guilt out of heavy pancakes and teamed with fresh blueberries make a hearty treat for all the bear cubs in your life.

Simba Hummus Platte

Simba Hummus Platter This Simba-inspired snack is as healthy as it is adorable. Your little ones will love eating their veggies when they’re paired with tasty hummus, and resemble their favorite lion, Simba.