Farewell letter from

I love when my parents say, "How do you know that song? That song was popular when I was a teenager." And I always tell them that music doesn't have an expiration date.

The incredibly passionate and talented Macklemore.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing women they looked better in their makeup." -Macklemore And that sir, makes you handsome.

I LOVE this song.

I hear the birds in the summer breeze, I drive fast, I am alone in the night. Been tryin' hard not to get in to trouble, but I've got a war in my mind. I just ride - Lana del Rey - Ride


"Triangles are my favourite shape, three points where two lines meet".Alt-J

MGMT- Electric Feel I can't believe I hadn't heard this song before! The Voice had this song for one of the battles tonight, and it was epic!

London Grammar. Beautiful stuff

These are the top 10 most searched Christmas presents according to Google

London Grammar - Hannah Reid's hair is as beautiful as her voice.

<3. I Know It's Over

Kindness: "Over and over we cultivate kindness, moving in the direction of greater compassion and acceptance… We acknowledge an unkind thought, and with kindness we bring our attention back to the breath.

It's hard to get by just upon a smile, oh baby it's a wild world ,and I will always remember you like a child girl ~Cat Stevens