White Bat Flower

goes by the names of Black Bat Flower, Bat-head Lily, Devil Flower or Cat's Whiskers. Tacca integrifolia is known as the Purple or White Bat Flower.

Chocolate cosmos. Yum.

Chocolate Cosmos Plants don't get much better than chocolate cosmos, which both looks and smells like chocolaty goodness! The burgundy-maroon flowers appear all summer long on tall stems and bear a rich scent. Name: Cosmos atrosanguineus

Salvia sclarea ‘Piemont’ - “A must for every garden” says Penelope Hobhouse.

Salvia sclarea ‘Piemont’ - “A must for every garden” says Penelope Hobhouse, so if you’ve yet to grow this robust, beautiful, architectural & long blooming cottage garden favorite – this could be your year!



Hellebores bloom early in gorgeous colors

Do you grow Hellebores? The colors and exotic nature of these early spring (even winter) blooming flowers are just the jolt of …

Building up

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Phaseolus coccineus “Scarlet Runner Bean&#8221 Photo via H. Zell.

Phaseolus coccineus “Scarlet Runner Bean” - Quite a looker for a bean! By far the most ornamental of edible beans, fiery red-orange flowers bloom in clusters & make a spicy pairing with the fresh green foliage.