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Photo effects and photo filters are kiiiiinda our thing. If you want to make your present day pics look like vintage photos, we're experts at that. If you wanna get real profesh with stuff like a polarizing filter, we're experts at that too! Consider this board a library of picture effects free for your enjoyment, inspiration, and photographic brilliance.
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5 smart chores for kids with focus issues

5 Smart Chores for Kids With Focus Issues

Wanna immortalize your favorite photo effects? Get started with one of PicMonkey’s favorite custom effect recipes, then save your own concoctions.

Save Custom Photo Filter Combos | PicMonkey

Sometimes life calls for quick fixes. Here are 4 common photo snafus, and ways to make them better with a photo filter.

4 Common Photo Flubs You Can Fix With a Filter | PicMonkey

Ever gone on a brilliant photo editing spree, only to forget what you did as soon as you’re done? Enter PicMonkey’s custom effects, allowing you to save any sequence of photo effects for later use.

Save Favorite Filters with Custom Photo Effects | PicMonkey

New Miniature effect is magic. Pure and simple. It introduces some selective blur to the foreground and background of your image to give the optical illusion that it's a toy or model. Master it in minutes! Link in bio.

How Master the Miniature Effect |PicMonkey

Meet the new Edge Sketch! It lets you turn photos into sketches, all hand-drawn and stuff. Give it a shot and share your masterpiece here!

Turn Your Photos into Sketches | PicMonkey

Ombre in the house to bring the Spring vibes.

Free Online Photo Editor | Photo Editing, Collage Maker, Graphic Design | PicMonkey

Turn Your Photos into Sketches with Edge Sketch

Turn Your Photos into Sketches | PicMonkey

The new Silverscreen effect turns your image into a frame of classic cinema. Read all about it!

New Effects & New Features | PicMonkey Blog

Tri-X mimics Kodak’s Tri-X film, the best-selling black and white photographic film in the world. Learn more!

New Effects & New Features | PicMonkey Blog

New! Super B&W effect. Extreme contrast hightens the drama.

New Effects & New Features | PicMonkey Blog

Tap into the dazzle of a camera lens flare even if you don't capture it in real life.

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"Great things are done when men and mountains meet."-William Blake. Photo via @ambrosiomike ‪#‎POTD‬ ‪#‎photooftheday‬ ‪#‎doubleexposure‬

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Turn ordinary photos into artistic dreamscapes with the Orton photo effect.

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A Royale account brings you more & more buzzing, summery effects. Sign up for a free trial ta-day!


Add the warm, sunny look of summer with Sunglow photo filter.


PicMonkey’s Focal Soften photo filter comes with blur, focal size, edge hardness, and fade adjustments so that you can blur your background and draw your eye to what's important.

Grab Attention with the 5 Focal Effects

Focal zoom makes your pictures go woosh!

Grab Attention with the 5 Focal Effects

Apply an effect to only part of your photo to guide the viewers eye.

Grab Attention with the 5 Focal Effects

Beautiful example of effectively using filters by Bbelu Gheorghe

Best Photography of 2013 | From up North

Doubly exposed wolf. Dig the punk mohawk!

Double Exposure Animal Portraits by Andreas Lie

Double exposure photography: love how the color almost feels like black and white.

Double Exposure Photography Inspiration | Creative Fan

Double exposure by Erkin Demir. Striking!

Stunning Double-Exposure Photographs by Erkin Demir

Double exposure in black and white. Oneiric yet rugged.

Using Multiple Exposures to Create Abstract Photographs | Fstoppers

Photo by Matt Wisniewski, double exposure photography.

Brooklyn, NY artist Matt Wisniewski