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Wooden Clock Hand made. This would be cool to do using an old clock. Just take the numbers, hands, and gears and put the on the wood after burning it

DIY 10 Wooden Pallet Clock | Pallets Design

DIY Wooden Pallet clock with shelves will look good if you stand it in the corner of your living room whereas you can place pallet candle stands with candle on

Gorgeous Rustic Cabin Interior Idea (43)

There are two cuts for two corners. Nearly every part of furniture can be created in a rustic style. With a growing number of options in log cabin style nowadays,

Just need a big tree and a strong man with a chainsaw.

Incredibly creative and unique, this clever use of reclaimed wood gives this bathroom countertop a rich and warm, rustic yet modern appeal. Resistant to spills, strong and beautiful, reclaimed wood countertops need not only be limited to the kitchen.

I'm speechless! My two fav things together!!                                                         Abby :)

This is an ingenious idea for a wall clock. Personalize the borders with your favorite postcards, pictures from the place you might have been or traveled to. It’s a neat idea for a DIY project.