Obsessively out of the ordinary. Seeking the cutting edges of consciousness. Commonly related: neurosis, psychosis; instability, irrationality, unreasonableness; delirium, frenzy, hysteria; hallucinosis, hypomania, paranoia, schizophrenia; senile dementia; delusion, hallucination; monomania, obsession, phobia; abnormality, dementedness, unsoundness Near Antonyms lucidity, rationality, rationalness, reasonability, reasonableness; normality, soundness
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A shell shocked soldier in the trenches during World War One. Cover image of the book "Broken Men: Shell Shock, Treatment and Recovery in Britain, written by Fiona Reid.

Short history of WW1

A short history of WWI, ending with a figure estimating the dead (possibly a reasonably conservative one).

155 Years Before the First Animated Gif, Joseph Plateau Set Images in Motion with the Phenakistoscope history gifs animation

Phenakistoscope disc, Moving Panorama, published by Fores, England, 1833


Vietnam is known for its cargo bikes, but these delivery men and women in China make the pedalers of Saigon look like pansies. Photographer Alain Delorme became fascinated with the bike haulers of China

Adolf Wolfli...institutionalized as a psychotic but a highly extraordinary artist.

"Adolf Wölfli (February 1864 – November was a Swiss artist who was one of the first artists to be associated with the Art Brut or outsider art label. He was classified as psychotic. Shown here in his room at the mental asylum.

by Lowdown Art - Spray on canvas - March 2014

that's about how i feel today. by Lowdown Art - Spray on canvas - March 2014

'Straitjacket' - 1993 - by Marlene Dumas (South African, b. 1953) - Oil on canvas - 90x70cm. - @~ Mlle

'Straitjacket' - 1993 - by Marlene Dumas (South African, b. - Oil on canvas - - Mlle

In 1887, intrepid reporter Nellie Bly pretended she was crazy and got herself committed, all to help improve conditions in a New York City mental institution.

Ten Days in a Madhouse: The Woman Who Got Herself Committed

Nellie Bly (May 1864 – January was the pen name of American journalist Elizabeth Jane Cochrane. She was a ground-breaking reporter known for a record-breaking trip around the world in 72 days, in emulation of Jules Verne's fictional character Phileas Fogg

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