Pierina Rissotto

Pierina Rissotto

Pierina Rissotto
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How to make a stuffed taggie baby toy, perfect for a handmade baby gift! Simple Easy Sewing project that only takes a little bit of fabric! HandmadeintheHeartland.com

Sewing: Taggie Toy, This simple step by step sewing tutorial will help you make a fun and easy stuffed taggie toy that you can give as a handmade baby gift or keep for your own baby

Monsters eat dirty laundry

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags Ever wonder where those socks go? Well the hungry monster laundry bag eats them! Try this fun DIY craft, make a kid a laundry bag so they always keep tidy and clean.

Little Seouls Blog: Awesome Korean baby bedding!

baby bed on the floor, Korean style (similar to a Montessori style sleeping arrangement)