DIY TerraCotta Clay Pot Fountain Projects: Tabletop water fountain, garden flower pot fountain features => #Crafts, #HomeDecor

DIY TerraCotta Clay Pot Fountain Projects

concealing ac units, garbage/ cans, garden hose, etc.

Propane Enclosure by Trellis Structures

Building a sun-powered food dehydrator is a great alternative to an electric dehydrator. You can make your own delicious dried fruits, vegetables and herbs!


How to Build a Dehydrator | eHow

Save Gardening Space by Growing Vertically Up Homesteading - The Homestead Survival .Com

Save Gardening Space by Growing Vertically Up

I wanted to raise my wheelbarrow up to make it easier to mow around. Here is a quick way to store a wheelbarrow next to a fence.

Wheelbarrow Storage

Three Sisters | Plant corn in a circle for better pollination. Eight seeds around each circle. Use 5 gal. bucket to mark. In dryer climates make a well in the middle to catch the water.

Three Sisters | Sweet Domesticity

Here is a good list of flowers you might want to plant in with your veggies and why.

Homestead Revival: Adding Flowers To The Vegetable Garden

How To attract ladybugs to your garden

Texasdaisey Creations: How To Attract Ladybugs To Your Garden

Grow Your own veg!

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The 35 Easiest Container and Pot Friendly Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs...

DIY & Crafts
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Agaraian Plant-A-Grams by williams-sonoma: What to plant in your edible garden. Each box in the diagram represents 1 sq foor in a raised bed. For smaller beds, select rows of your choice to create another size. #Gardens #Vegetable_Gardens #Raised_Beds

Plantagram | Williams-Sonoma

Our Little Acre: DIY: My Lowe's Creative Ideas Pallet Project

Our Little Acre: DIY: My Lowe's Creative Ideas Pallet Project

soda bottle drip feeder

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good to know

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How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden

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Cut the bottom off a plastic pot to contain invasive plants & bury in the ground. I have been doing this for a few years & works great for containing plants that tend to spread, but that I still want to plant in the garden. This also works good for planting a plant in an area that tends to get filled with roots etc. from other plants. I will use a larger pot so that the plant can spread it's roots and grow deeper roots, but keeps other tree roots from choking out the one I planted.

The Family Handyman

Stop Invasive Plants From Taking Over Your Garden

How to preserve wood slices for a garden path. This is a great way to use an old tree that has been blown over in the latest storm.

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Great Tips for Starting A Vegetable Garden

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List of flowers to plant in your vegetable garden and why they are a good idea // Great Gardens & Ideas //

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Gardening Tips | Glenda the Good Foodie

Glenda the Good Foodie
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BAT HOUSE. Bats are good for lots of things, like eating mosquitos... They like safe dark places to hang out :) measures only 28 x 15 but holds 100 bats!

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use empty milk cartons to fill up space in large pots.. so you dont have to use as much dirt, and it isn't as heavy!

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Butterflies need salt for breeding - Create a salt lick in your garden and increase the butterfly population. How-to's and links included.

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Hanging Plant Balcony

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