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LubaTV| Lide com isso by LK-Draw.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

LubaTV| Lide com isso by LK-Draw.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Lilo e Stitch

I really like the unity of this poster through colors. The surfboard, the top of Stitch's ear, half of Lilo's face and the word Lilo are all the same color. There are many examples of this blend of colors in the poster that creates a strong unity.

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I love these lil polaroids! Leo and Calypso, Piper and Jason, Frank and Hazel, Percy and Annabeth

-Nico Actually wears the toms and sweater, and we he gets annoyed he brings out the 'leave me alone' shirt. -Leo got thought it would be funny to get Piper a shirt that said 'love' but he also got her a Superman shirt so that her and Jason could be matching. -Leo went all Canadian for Franks gift -Percy always wears his 'wears the food' shirt

Adorable <<< Nico's shirt, though.<<IKR nicos shirt and LEOS SHIRT WHAT oh and Percy's shirt. I want Annabeth's mug and lol what he's giving Frank and Jason