paulo queiroz

paulo queiroz
Brazil / Cristão, ativista, pirata! treinador de pokémons. Gosto de arte, cultura, música, cinema, teatro, livros, vídeo games e comida...
paulo queiroz
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tax statements show the reality of aid spending - in real terms international aid makes up a tiny amount of the UK budget

tax statements show where your money was spent in BUT is any of it owed back to you.

What do you think about spending on overseas aid? too much? too little? we asked some people on the streets of London for their views

UK Aid: View from the Street (by TheONECampaign) This is a great campaign that makes its point by talking to regular people in the street. What were your answers to the questions?

This week’s international edition of TIME features three different covers. Our readers in Africa will see Alex Perry’s piece on the #KONY2012 debate, and the people who are calling for the warlord’s arrest. The piece itself can be found in all of TIME’s issues this week, global and domestic. (Time Photo-Illustration. Photograph by Adam Pletts—Reuters/Corbis)

Let's make the real criminals infamous, not E! Stop Joseph Kony! leader of the LRA in Uganda. He kidnaps children and forces the girls into sexual slavery and the boys into child soldiers who are forced to kill their parents.

manda chuva

If you were born in you might have had the Golden Book from Hanna Barbera Top Cat in your children's library - by the time you were born there were LOTS of Hanna Barbera cartoons on TV and most of them had books as well.

pokémons, gyrados

LEGO artist Mike Nieves has been creating Pokémon models for a few years now, but he seems to have outdone himself with this Gyrados. Using some unorthadox (at