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The perfect Pikachu formula.

The perfect Pikachu formula.<==but I love pachurisu even if o can't spell it's name

What Pokemon Is Hiding About Mimikyu

I'm pretty sure mimikyu is a new type of Pokemon that mimicks the older types it being that pikachuu is one of the oldest

Candela, Blanche, and Spark at Pokestop's hanamatsuri #pokemongo

Candela,Spark, and Blanche - this is so pretty? Creds to the artist!

Best 50+ Funny Pictures Of Cats With Captions

Best Funny Pictures Of Cats With Captions - Quotations and Quotes

Funny text messages from a dog.

I wish dogs could talk! i would love getting a text from my dogs! I freaking love texts from dog

Pokemon NPCs You See In Every Game

I kind of want a game where we have to start with a random Pokémon and then become champion.