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linda ilustracion

We are the crystal gems! by SahneCreamKuchen -Steven Universe- A different kind of race, from outer space, who come to our world. I was up till 1 in the morning finishing season it

Somos las gemas de cristal

Steven Universe Bookmark- We are the crystal pearls, we always find a way and if you say we can't we'll something something something Garnet, amethyst and pearl, and STEVEN!

wolf dragon - Google zoeken

I love the concept of a dragon and wolf intertwining as an infinity-ish look (more Celtic looking) on my left thigh or on my right arm (in the sleeve design)


Ticci toby

Ticci Toby: Hey kid what are you doing in the woods? Child: *snif Did you know where my mommy is?

Jeff The Killer---- mostly everyone draws him to be so dashing when in reality (creepypasta reality) hes supposed to be an ugly deformed creature