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5-day London itinerary for first-time visitors. This handy itinerary covers all the best things to see and do in London.

Hand Embroidery: Lettering and Text 2 @Needle 'n Thread: The first sample of hand embroidered lettering is on the word “The” at the beginning of my sample sentence (“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”). I’m using two strands of DMC cotton and a #8 crewel needle, and the stitch I’m using is backstitch. Fabric and hoop were discussed in yesterday’s post.

TOTAL COST $40+ -Rock Forms; can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, etc for about $9. - 60# bag of Concrete (not Cement!) You'll need approx. 1 bag per "Square" - Water or garden hose - Bucket or Wheelbarrow - Trowel or Block of Wood - Pea Pebbles or Sand or gravel

Backstitch is a great embroidery stitch for beginners because many patterns can be done entirely in backstitch, but it is also a good stitch for many other small hand-sewn projects. This tutorial will get you on your way to stitching up lots of projects in no time. | Difficulty: Beginner; Length: Quick; Tags: Embroidery, Fundamental Skills

Declutter your laundry room with this dual-purpose laundry rack. It has long bars where you can hang clothes to dry, plus an optional hinged table that provides a perfect place for folding and sorting clothes. FREE PLANS at