The fictional "Heart of the Ocean" necklace from the movie #Titanic was inspired by real-life passenger Kate Florence Phillips. She survived the sinking and was wearing a sapphire and diamond pendant from her paramour Henry Samuel Morley, who unfortunately could not swim and passed away. (Image Courtesy - Washington Times)

Kate Phillips & daughter Ellen - Kate Florence Phillips, was born 1 Jan 1893, Worcester, England. She boarded the Titanic, as a 2nd class passenger, at Southampton. She worked as an assistant in a confectioner's shop and, having stated a relationship with the shop's married owner Henry Samuel Morley was eloping with him, she travelled under the name of Mrs Marshall. She was rescued & gave birth to Ellen on 11 Jan 1913, raising the possibility that the baby had been conceived on the Titanic

Real Pictures From the Titanic | ... Phillips’ sapphire diamond necklace that she wore aboard the Titanic

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