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    • 3 years ago

    Mike the Headless Chicken (April 1945 – March 1947) was a chicken that lived for 18 months after his head had been mostly cut off. Thought by many to be a hoax, the bird was taken by his owner to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City to establish its authenticity.

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    A dairy farmer from a small town near the Great Salt Lake in Utah, made an incredible discovery on his property while he was looking for one of his cows that had not returned. 69-year old Michael Woodson, found a 12 meter long humpback whale laying lifeless in the middle of one of his fields, hundreds of kilometers away its natural habitat. The Farmington City Police was called on the site to investigate, since the farmer thought that the cetacean could have been left there as a creepy prank by

    In the 18 MONTHS that Mike lived as “The Headless Wonder Chicken” he grew from a mere 2 1/2 lbs. to nearly 8 lbs. The owner said Mike was a “robust chicken – a fine specimen of a chicken except for not having a head.

    The picture on top is completely untouched. For the photo on bottom Photoshop was used to enhance the “thing” in the picture. The photograph was taken at a very old and bizarre park in Salt Lake City, UT at about 3am.

    The results of Congenital Syphilis before penicillin was discovered. (Why is this so fascinating to me?)

    In some parts of the world ants are used to close up wounds! In both Africa and South America, large army ants are used as surgical sutures. The wound is pulled together, and the ant grabs the edges of the wound with its mandible. Then, the body is cut off from the head of the ant. The head stays attached to the wound as a suture until the wound is healed.

    American war correspondent Lee Miller takes a bath in Hitler's Munich apartment on the day the owner committed suicide. Miller was a correspondent for "Vogue» and worked with photographer David Sherman, who took this picture, April 30, 1945. Lee and Sherman went to Munich together with the 45th Division. They found an abandoned building at the undamaged Prinzenregentplatz, 27, went in, and they realized that it was Hitler's personal quarters. They stayed there for three days.

    On May 1, 1947 Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. She had landed supine on a parked limousine and came to rest in an attitude that suggested peaceful sleep. The photo is often referred to as ‘The most beautiful suicide’. Photographed by Robert Wiles.

    “Adam was working for a roofing outfit from Tremont, Illinois Koch Construction. He snapped this photograph with his camera phone. The story he told me was that they were hired to roof the house by the new owners. According to him, the lady who lived there had passed away nearly three months before. They had been working on the house for two days and had seen no one there...

    A Chinese grandmother who went to hospital with a headache was found to have had a bullet in her head for 64 years. Jin Guangying, 77, of Shuyang town, Jiangsu province, went to to Shuyang Leniency Hospital for an x-ray. “We were surprised to learn there was a bullet inside her head,” her son, Wang Zhengbang, told the Yangtse Evening Post. Jin remembers that she was shot in 1943 during the Second World War by the invading Japanese army when she was taking supplies to her guerrilla father.

    Miner Boy: Children were cheap labor in the mines. This boy spent 10 hours a day in that outfit with only the light from that tallow wick lamp. He cleaned & played the part of a "canary" (kids were easier to replace than good miners). He was probably Finnish or Swedish & indentured to the company for the purpose of paying his fathers debts. The unions fought bloody battles to get these children out of the coal mines. This little guy worked (& likely died) in Utah or Colorado mines / Scott Cooper

    animal skull in Salt Lake