Hopefully the story of our lives. Especially the part about a little girl child. Ryan would love a girl child. Does it sound creepy when I say girl child? In my head, it does....

When I see you


I had a great night with my Jai, despite the minor 'issues' that popped up today. I Love my life, thank you jai <3 You're so awesome, you make my awesome explode..and then there is fireworks and..wtf..everything is on fire..ahh fuck..ok lets dance <3 I love you so much, nothing else really matters even tho it might amuse me from time to time..you're my baby. <3

This is funny and cute and I agree :)

love <3

Unconditionally, I love you. That is how true love should be but some people dont know what true love is!

15 Ways to Stay married! These are so true and kind of funny because its common sense but we over think it and this shows how simple it is to have a happy life with the one you love.

Best Things in Life

Quote on True Love! #love #truelove#quote #fate... I told him that before, that I wish I knew him before we met ;)

it happens haha


to my family, and debbie


...because life is better since I met you|Him

I'm glad I married my best friend, not because he's "so hot" {even tho he is;)} but because he makes me laugh til my sides hurt and smile like an idiot ♡