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  • Jess

    #quote #qotd #realitycheck #thankful

  • Judy Witherspoon Hand

    Perspective, be grateful. #quote

  • Chelsea Klevesahl

    nothing helps me to stop complaining than a reality check like this

  • Trishun' Rawls

    STOP COMPLAINING AND BE THANKFUL!!!!!! I say this all the time i am bless to have a job car roof over my head love ones my health their health and i refuse to complain about dumb shit when I know how bless I am! thank you God <3

  • Good It Works

    Maybe we should take a few minutes and stop complaining about our "first world problems" and learn to be thankful. Just some food for thought.

  • Janine Michele

    Remember this when you're having a bad day. Stay humble, be grateful.

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