For when we're old! Imperial Walker walker... I WILL be rocking one of these as an old lady



at-at walker dog costume

A chipmunk's adventure

R2 has finally found true love in this tshirt available from KentZonestar on RedBubble. (via fashionablygeek)

Adobe WanKenobi®

They say that home is where the heart is, so if you're nerdy to the core, your space should reflect that

Best. Snowman. Ever.

The Geeky Hallows. I almost had a geek heart attack.

I love that this is recycled metal parts (think about it . . . All the tinkering Anakin Skywalker did as a child. So, how many recycled parts you think D.Vader was sportin'? This is a very cool idea. - just not sure the filagree would be a Darth Vader approved motif-lol.

R2D2 Fridge NEED!!!!!!!

I need this fridge!!!

AT-AT Walker NEED!

Hilarious #StarWars #LEGO scene ♥ see more #funny pics

Darth Talon

AT-AT walker rocking horse built for little Sith lords via @CNET

Yoga for boys!

Star Wars Jedi Statue of Liberty

Omg!!! So cute!