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  • Les Ballons Verts

    Ikea greenhouses!!!! Make ROWS of these SOCKER Greenhouse - IKEA

  • Coby Michael

    IKEA mini greenhouses. A relatively new product, miniature green house for indoor planting also visually appealling, definitely looking into getting some of these

  • Jeeva Sathurayar

    The IKEA Socker Greenhouse is small enough to fit into any household, and will even do great in apartments. The Socker provides a closed environment that allows for seeds to sprout and plants to grow. The roof vents can even be left in a halfway open position, allowing air to circulate more freely through the miniature greenhouse.

  • Abby Ronnow

    IKEA Mini Green House! green design, eco design, sustainable design, IKEA, SOCKER, mini greenhouse, terrarium, indoor gardening

  • Kris Hammerbacher

    Indoor greenhouse :) SOCKER Greenhouse IKEA Provides a good environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow.

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Maybe I can get a mini greenhouse added to the shed we're planning to build for the lawnmower/snowblower?

Are you a SOCKER for greenhouses? Place these indoors and outdoors!

Shabby shack made from old windows. Love this!!

Greenhouse in the backyard...I want the rain barrel with spigot!

Both storage shed and a green house. Perfect for storing your potting supplies and tools out of sight and a great space to grow your plants.

Awesome gardening shed~ would make a sweet little jewelry studio....

Have a lean-to greenhouse! They have the advantage of getting some heat from your house in winter, either heat that would be lost, or if it is very cold, you could open windows into the greenhouse to let your house heating system heat it. Much simpler and less dangerous than any greenhouse heater. On warm sunny winter days, the greenhouse will actually add heat to your house. And Humidity. And Oxygen.

SOCKER Plant stand on wheels IKEA Plant stand on wheels makes moving large plant pots easier. Galvanized for rust resistance.