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  • Les Ballons Verts

    Ikea greenhouses!!!! Make ROWS of these SOCKER Greenhouse - IKEA

  • Margie

    As Winter comes to a close, get your seeds to sprout and little plants and herbs to grow by Spring inside this cool new Socker Indoor Miniature Greenhouse. It's from IKEA and Socker in Swedish means sugar, so I have no idea about the name, but I do know that this little indoor greenhouse provides a good environment, has roof vents to allow air to circulate and temperatures to cool, and looks decorative enough to bring a bit of nature into the home.

  • Katie Granju

    #ikea Mini Indoor #Greenhouse - SUCH a great idea for an obvious #garden #product that no one else is selling. Have any of you tried these?

  • Kristin Brown

    IKEA’s Solution For Urban Gardeners : Mini SOCKER Greenhouses - #ikea #mini greenhouse #Sarah Fager #SOCKER Greenhouse #urban gardening

  • Nancy B

    Aaah! I had no idea they made these!! IKEA mini greenhouses

  • Abby Ronnow

    IKEA Mini Green House! green design, eco design, sustainable design, IKEA, SOCKER, mini greenhouse, terrarium, indoor gardening

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SOCKER Greenhouse by IKEA: Grow a mini garden! #Green_House #Terrarium #IKEA

The Green Vitrine (Odlingsvitrin) by the Finnish gardening supply company Kekkilä. Photo by Sköna Hem.

Shabby shack made from old windows. Love this!!

I would restore this and make it the kitchen. All that wonderful natural light....♥

green house or rusty house,in any case very beautiful.

Save yourself some money and extra trips to the market, by growing your own fresh herbs at home. The IKEA PS 2014 greenhouse provides a good environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow indoors.

Sprouts - Lentils help cleanse and stimulate the kidneys and adrenal system, strengthen the heart and circulation and increase energy and vitality. When lentils are sprouted, their nutrients become more easily digestible, and after just 3-4 days of sprouting, their soluble fiber, which helps lower LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar and regulate insulin levels

IKEA PS 2014 greenhouse. The greenhouse can hang on the wall or rest on a flat surface. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.