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Yay! I've actually saved all those things that are on the wipies. Anyone could do this. Great idea for phonics.

Anchor Chart for Beginning Blends and Digraphs, also has a letter combinations ones too. Maybe I could make it?

Starting to Read: It’s Playtime Fun with Phonics. This week’s round-up collection features phonics activities for kids who are just starting to read.

Letter Combinations and Blends Chart. LOVE THIS!!!

Phonic Sounds - wouldn't hurt to have this on my wall with a strategy for decoding Looooong words. Even upper level students will forget their phonics when faced with a 3+ syllable word.

Phonics poem - I hate to pin things that don't show the original source... but I really, really like this...

Like thrass - should do this when looking at letter blends more

This does not link to anything, but I need a placeholder for this name. Jessica Kingsbury She has many prezis with many word families and other things.

This activity involves a word family flip chart. Students will keep the rime in place while flipping through onsets to see how many words they can create. After they have exhausted one rime they will move on to the next one and repeat the process.

This activity can be done at a center. Place cards with different beginning/ending sounds on them in the jar. Also place cards with the vowel sounds in the jar and other parts that would be needed to make words. Then have students at that particular station make as many words as they can and write them down