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M.C. Escher – Hand with Fir Cone

A Beautiful Short Film Imagines M.C. Escher's Workspace - Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg - The Atlantic

Hand with Reflecting Sphere - M.C. Escher

Hand WIth Reflecting Globe - MC Escher, 1935...I wish he was still alive...

Hand WIth Reflecting Globe - MC Escher, 1935 always loved this picture.

Gorgeous! This is exactly, perfectly what i imagine when i think of my future home! the stone walls, meeting the brick walls. with dark brown wooded floors, and big picture/ collages on the walls... so perfect in every way! oh! and dont forget the lighting!

Decisions, decisions. This is so gorgeous. If only my decisions were that easy!!

"A child who looks into a mirror for the first time is surprised when he notices that the world behind the mirror, which looks so real, is actually intangible. However he soon ceases to consider this false reality as being strange. - In the course of time the surprise disappears, for a mirror is merely a tool used to help one see themselves, how other's see them."- MC. Escher

M.C. Escher is one of my favorites

Escher self portrait (not our Escher - the artist Escher!) What an interesting idea for a portrait. Difficult to do though and in pencil!