Purple Kiwi Fruit


A watermelon's inner form

<3 yellow

"When we focus and get up close and personal with what we desire, it has no choice but to appear and take on an entirely new life before us." - Chris Mott -

Green kiwis more than any fruit, AND they are gorgeous!-cm

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Green Fruits and Veggies

I <3 kiwi &&& lime green

♥ Kiwi Fruit

By using different shades of the color green, these limes come off as extremely realistic, and not to mention delicious looking. It's interesting how only 3 different shades of a single color can make something look so lifelike.



Fried green tomato BLT at Station House Cafe in Point Reyes Station, CA - OMG

Green Apple

I Like It Natural And Cosmic...Always In The Country !...


Star fruit