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  • Vickie

    Swimsuit slim down drink 1 cup orange, pineapple, or grapefruit juice 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar 1 tsp. honey Drink before each meal.

  • Manon Greer

    Mango Coconut Frozen Margaritas from Running to the Kitchen. Serves: 2-3 drinks Ingredients ½ cup tequila ⅓ cup triple sec 1 15oz. can mango slices, drained (fresh, ripe mango will work too) zest of 1 lime juice of ½ a lime ¼ cup coconut milk (I used from a carton, but from a can would probably be even better!) 1 tablespoon agave 1-1½ cups ice Instructions Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree until ice is broken up and almost smooth.

  • Katie Hutchison

    mango coconut margarita 1/2 cup tequila 1/3 cup triple sec 1 15oz. can mango slices, drained (fresh, ripe mango will work too) zest of 1 lime juice of 1/2 a lime 1/4 cup coconut milk 1 tablespoon agave 1-1 1/2 cups ice Combine all ingredients in blender and puree until almost smooth. To garnish the rim of the glass, combine sugar & lime zest on a plate. Wet the rim of a glass with a cut lime and flip the rim into the sugar/lime mixture until it sticks to the glass all the way around.

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Playful Pina (non-alcoholic) from backyard bartender 3 oz pineapple juice 1 oz cream of coconut 1/3 cup fresh berries 1 cup crushed ice Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth and serve into a margarita or wine glass. Add a mango or pineapple slice for garnish.

Pina Colada Punch: Combine the following in a punch bowl & serve over ice: 1-46 oz can pineapple juice, chilled 1-20 oz can crushed pineapple with liquid 1-15 oz can cream of coconut 1-32 oz bottle lemon-lime carbonated drink, chilled.

Tropical Slush ~ Lime Sherbet, Pineapple Sherbet, 7-Up, Frozen Pineapple Juice, Limeade Concentrate, and Cream of Coconut

Frost Bite Martini {Sierra Mist, Blue Curacao, Coconut Vodka, Fresh Mint, Pineapple Juice)

Dr. Oz’s Secret Slim Down Drink: mix together 1 cup of grapefruit juice with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. (If it’s too bitter, stir in a teaspoon of honey, which will only add 20 extra calories) Try it Today: Drink a shot before every meal to start painlessly melting away those extra pounds.

1 cup Countrytime lemonade mix, 2 cups cold water, 1 can of chilled pineapple juice {46 oz}, 2 cans chilled Sprite = best lemonade stand in the neighborhood.

I feel sooo much better after drinking this! It is like a boost in energy :)

Scary #facts about #sugar! Visit your local #Adamsville dentist to learn abut better oral care.

This fun coffee drink has all the flavor of a s'mores without all the work. Perfect drink to relax with this afternoon.