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I watched the fox and the child set in beautiful jurassic mountains. Foxes are such facinating creatures


I'll never ever in a million years begin to understand how some people take pleasure out of killing these incredible creatures. I just adore them so much.

Adorable fox face

Kuda-Kitsune or Kanko (管狐, "pipe fox"?) is a creature supposedly employed by Japanese kitsune-tsukai, those who use foxes as spirit familiars. Its use is described as a rat-sized fox which can be kept in a tobacco pipe.

Fox Village in Japan

Fox Village in Japan

There's a wonderful, little place in Japan called Zao Fox Village - a place where you can feed and pet over 100 wild foxes.

* * " I likes yoo too human, but dat: 'wut does de fox say' beez gettin' really old. Infact, I gonna barf de next time I hear it."

last pin says "I had an arctic fox as a pet once. He was the sweetest pet ever. attitude between a dog/cat." I want one.

Volpe <3

Picture of the Day: 'One Happy Fox'. In this fantastic capture by Roeselien Raimond, we see a gorgeous fox in what appears to be a moment of bliss.