alexander calder, roaring with his lion.

Citation: Alexander Calder holding his mobile on a Parisian street, 1954 / Agnès Varda, photographer.

Alexander Calder performs his "Circus"

Alexander Calder fashioning a self-portrait in wire at his studio in Sache, France, 1968. Photo by Gjon Mili

ALEXANDER CALDER. Alexander Calder was an American sculptor best known as the originator of the mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended components which move in response to motor power or air currents. Wikipedia

Louise Bourgeois in her studio 1946

Salvador Dali

Alexander Calder by Arnold Newman

Marcel Duchamp

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Alexander Calder in his Studio on the Rue de la Colonie, Paris, 1931, Photo by Marc Vaux

wire elephant ~ 1928, alexander calder... from “Alexander Calder: The Paris Years, 1926-1933” as seen here

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder, Policeman, circa 1928

Bulgarian bride

Louisa Calder, Paris 1931 -by Man Ray [one of the Alexander Calder pieces]

Alexander Calder

Helen Frankenthaler

alexander calder ° paris 1929 ° seen by ° andré kertész

Artist Saul Steinberg, wearing mask, at party at home of Alexander Calder. 1959.