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    • Sharon Jewell

      Low carb weight loss.

    • Michelle Lanam

      A Tale of Two Meals. Will soon be starting a low carb diet.

    • Crystal Stagner

      A tale of 2 meals | Breakfast Healthy

    • Melinda Hoffman

      Low carbs no sugar

    • Sandy Chen

      When you think of weight loss you probably envision having to overhaul your entire diet, but that's not always necessary. Instead, take a look here! #lowcarb #diet #weightloss http://facebook.com/groups/skinnyfitbeyond

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    sugar + chemicals = not good true Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise

    Also, eat off of a salad plate, because your serving only needs to be as big as your fist. Eat small portions every 2 hours to keep your blood sugar stable.You need to work out for 40 mins. at least to lose weight (sweat). If you have a craving for something, only eat as much as you need to kill that craving. Plus don't consume sugar drinks.

    I'm definitely the "girl-on-a-budget diet" but this is a good way to stay focused. maybe printing it out and putting it on the fridge or something

    What should I eat? @innovativebalance @innovativbalanc ‪#‎innovativebalance‬ ‪#‎innovativbalanc‬

    New Article on Co.Exist. (Part of Fast Company) It's HOW the average diet is making you thicker...not really ways to change it, but a recognition tool and the science behind it.

    "carbs are killing you" is a bit of an incomplete statement but I agree with: "eating fat does not make you fat" and "Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes You Fat". This is a great article.

    great dietary guidelines - if you are trying to lose weight, cut out the quinoa and avocado. Also, only eat 10 almonds at a time. Whey protein is perfect for after work out because it helps you recover faster.

    Sometimes I don't have time for a whole meal before a workout, but there are some great ideas here for something quick

    Eating Clean Meal Plan (2 weeks of B,L,and D plus snacks ideas) Very family and budget friendly...

    2-week plan for eating without sugars. Complete with recipes for three meals per day. My kind of eating!