Generation pictures ...great way to get them all together even if they can't be in the same room.

Generation portrait...

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Amazing stuff.

great xmas card idea... this family does a GREAT one every year!

oh - I so love this.........

Funny ideas for taking really unique and memorable photos!

Cool idea.

Main Street Quilt Pattern - That's a LOT of flying geese, but I like the movement of the pattern.

i NEED to do this with old pictures!

these eye-popping images will make you exclaim outloud! Pinning so I can finish looking later, I only got to 19, and wow!

what to do with all those foreign coins/currency you've saved.

Take amazing pictures.

beautiful generations pic idea

Family photo idea: Take a photo in the same position as the first for a cute gift idea--- This could be cute!

Very cute idea

Great idea for a picture! With the two of you of course!! I actually have a few ideas along these lines!!

50 ideas for family pictures, lots of different ideas for colours & outfits

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