Recycled t-shirt yarn.

How to join a new strand of yarn. This site also has numerous patterns!

How To Join New Yarn with a Slip Stitch #tutorial #crochet

Crochet Rug Technique

Don't throw away your old clothes-shred them, wrap them in a ball and crochet a cool rug! !

LIttle Waves Crochet Rug Pattern

McDonalds I’m lovin it! Yarn Holders |

This would make a gorgeous rug...maybe hold 2 strands together and use a really large hook!

DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug

Cheerful, colorful rag (t-shirt) upcycle rug.

what could you make out of milk jugs, a hole punch, a crochet hook, and yarn? the site has a summer bag tutorial in russian.

tshirt rug

Tshirt yarn! by beatrice


Rainbow Rug From T-Shirt Yarn

t-shirt yarn necklace

How to make yarn out of old t-shirts



DIY: t-shirt yarn