Vintage ink: By the end of the Twenties, American circuses employed more than 300 people with full-body tattoos who could earn as much as $200 per week - circus performer Betty Broadband pictured in 1947 in Manhattan

Picture of a tattooed lady from Ringling Brothers Circus circa 1931

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Chaim Machlev

Ok you all know I have no tattoos! But I think if I were to ever get one this would be it!! Love it!

Amazing Skull tattoo

Beautiful image of a full leg tattoo.

Unique awesome amazing hyper realism realistic 3d tattoo tattoos body art cool Bio-mechanical Biomechanical greyscale beautiful male guy full arm back chest sleeve warrior

If the body is a temple, why not decorate the walls?

The Beatles. Badasssssss.

Free Mind Free Body

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Thieves of Tower Tattoo | Greensboro, North Carolina #ink #tattoo

Beautiful black work tattoos on the lovely tattoo artist Hannah Snowdon. Via zepsternerd

Women with extensive tattoos, such as this one, were often to be found in travelling circuses during the 1920s

Beautiful, original tattoos. Unique ink ideas for men and women - from traditional black-and-grey designs to full-color portraits.

Once I make up my mind, I'm full of indecision. - Oscar Levant

Tattoo quote | body vs character

Three-year-old Ruby Dickinson is set to become the world's youngest tattoo artist after learning the trade from her father, Blane, who runs a tattoo parlour in Wales. Mr Dickinson, 36, is importing an ink gun from the U.S. that has been specially designed to be used by small hands.