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Vintage ink: By the end of the Twenties, American circuses employed more than 300 people with full-body tattoos who could earn as much as $200 per week - circus performer Betty Broadband pictured in 1947 in Manhattan

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Three-year-old girl set to become world's youngest tattoo artist

Three-year-old Ruby Dickinson is set to become the world's youngest tattoo artist after learning the trade from her father, Blane, who runs a tattoo parlour in Wales. Mr Dickinson, 36, is importing an ink gun from the U.S. that has been specially designed to be used by small hands.

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Comic Style Tattoos


Circus family, c1965 (Todd Walker) via:zenfabulous Emancipated at 15, he sometimes wonders what became of his Mother and his siblings

From the moment it was published Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has captivated the minds of children the world over. The popular fairy tale was made into an even more popular Disney movie and eventually a live-action film directed by... [ read more ]

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The white slave tattooed by her Native American family, full-body fanatics of the 1920s and cancer victims who opt for 'ink bras' instead of new breasts: A fascinating history of women with tattoos

Painted lady: Women with extensive tattoos, such as this one, were often to be found in travelling circuses during the 1920s

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26 Amazing Body Artwork Pictures That Will Make you to Get a Tattoo Right Away

Creative Tattoo of "Woody" from Toy Story. Toy Story was the first feature-length computer-animated film and the first film produced by Pixar.

Full sleeve nature tattoo by Nickhole Arcade of SpiderMonkey Tattoos. |