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    5 Barre Workouts to Tone Your Body

    by Leta Shy
    Barre workouts promise you a ballerina figure by working small supportive muscles throughout your body, with a style of exercise called isometrics. These workouts may not seem hard when you watch other people do them, but just wait until you're holding
    • Megan Withey

      WEDDING ARMS OMG Barre Workouts For Your Arms, Legs, and Butt. Use kitchen counter if you don't have a barre. I really do need to go back to my dance roots and start working out that way.

    • Kristi Verity

      Barre Workouts For Your Arms, Legs, and Butt using a kitchen counter. Great 10 minute workouts!

    • Anne Christian

      We do this in my Ballet Workout Class without a bar and it kicks my butt! Barre Workouts For Your Arms, Legs, and Butt using a kitchen counter

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