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How Norway became a country is shrouded in mystery and folklore. The most well known tale is of Harald Hårfagre who gathered the small kingdoms of the north into a unified nation in 872AD – and of course, this story is about love. The legend has it that Harald’s marriage proposal was mocked by Gyda, a Viking princess from the south. Instead of directly refusing Harald, she said she would not marry him until he became king over all of Norway. Rising to the challenge Harald vowed never to…

Adolph Tidemand is my favorite Norwegian artist and this is one of my most favorite pieces of work by him. It's titled "Bestemor's Brudekrone" or "Grandmother's Bridal Crown". (I have a reprint of this.)

The text written in runes is: Harald, King, ordered this inscription for Gorm his father, and for Thyra his mother. The Harald who won for himself Denmark. Further text on the two other two sides of the stone is: all and Norway / and converted the Danes to Christianity.