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Duct Tape

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things you never thought of mailing

The pledge of allegiance:

True Story!


Funny thing, I just got back from the center of the universe...I didn't see you anywhere. +

Oh My Freaking Stars!: An Adorable Bundle

it's all about perspective

'It's very simple....if you want me to stop making fun of you, then stop doing stupid shit...'


True that


Yep this is the story of my life ... Procrastinator

Wasn't that just so sweet of you to post that picture of us together where you looked like you were from Next Top Model and I looked like I was from the Walking Dead.Totally.

Lol I totally do that

this is so true


Advice from The Minions



.Brought to you for your enjoyment by Has your coffee maker ever malfunctioned, overflowing coffee and grounds onto the counters making a big mess? manufactures and sells a specialized platform that sits beneath your Coffee Maker. When an overflow occurs the liquid is captured in the Just in Case Deck. Brought to you by

Read this and cackled like a mad scientist. Alone. In my house. In the dark.

need this mug