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Ginevra King Arthur movie by Paoletta P.Pasi, via Flickr

A woman with a bow and arrow is powerful, strong, capable and independent. I want to emulate these qualities and learn to shoot archery.

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"Black Cupid" // Neat. I've been looking for a Susan Pevensie model (with a sword) from the Narnia / Caspian game. It's a very elegant character/class - a woman in a long dress armed with a sword and longbow/arrows.

First Name: Rylee Last Name: unknown Weapon of Choice: bow Secondary Weapon: throwing knives Personality: headstrong, shy, resourceful Quirk: no need to eat, but doesn't know why

  • teresa spadt


  • Lindsey Cannan

    Food has almost killed her in the past. She doesn't need it, but she wanted to try it because everyone else eats, but now she has developed an actual fear of food that she is embarrassed about.

  • teresa spadt

    What about water? Maybe her skin absorbs nutrients from the air & what she touches?

  • Lindsey Cannan

    Oooooh! That's a good idea!! I'll work with that a bit! Thanks! (and yes, she definitely needs water haha)

  • teresa spadt

    hahahaha!!!! I hope so!! :)

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"II can't break down, but at most times it's all I want to do" Timothy Caldien book two

Kambrii is the leader of a bandit tribe that inhabits the ruins nearby the Monks of Zater. She is nearly legendary with her bow and is skilled at leading her tribe without offending anyone enough to get her challenged and killed. She’s also known for either her amazing mercy or her ruthlessness. Quick thinker - Strategist - Cunning - Merciful - Leader Merciless - Crass - Ruthless - Uncaring - Racist

one of my favorite book covers... Fire by Kristin Cashore. I love this dress and bow :-)

Female archer / ranger. Again reminds me of my Pathfinder character

(Reminds me a bit of Dorian in later books.)

  • Pop Andreea

    Aww, I need the sequel like... yesterday!

  • ♔ Stephanopolis

    YES, please. Don't you know he's my FAVORITE and I'm rooting for him so hard. Though, after CoM I'm thinking he deserves much better than Celaena. LOL. Or a much better/evolved version of her...

  • Leah Volmer

    Yeah, I liked Dorian and Celaena, they had a good dynamic. But Chaol, his loyalties seemed to break much too easily. I always thought he would come to trust Celaena...but not bed her. I still would like to see Celaena with Dorian (especially with her newly discovered identity and whatever about the "I'd always pick you[Chaol]"). I loved them and really missed them in CoM.


    Dorlaena has no chance ; /

  • Rebekah Soumakis

    I can see why Celaena wanted to kiss him.