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    Pope Sylvester II and his 'succubus" Meridiana - who prophesied "Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf, for with it she shall destroy the children of night" This was the prophesy which Gerbert told to Ysabeau, and prompted her to begin massive witch hunts

    Goya (Spanish, 1746–1828). Nightmare; Witches and Old Women; Album (D), page 20, ca. 1819–23. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1919 (19.27) #witches #Halloween

    a discovery of witches

    A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1)

    Midwife and the Witch

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    William Harrison Ainsworth, The Lancashire Witches

    1. Ursula Kemp (England, 1582) - The first to experience many of the now-common themes in witch trials

    Frontispiece of The Discovery of Witches - Matthew Hopkins This woodcut depicts the self-styled Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins, with witches and their familiar spirits. Familiars were thought to be demonic imps which would assist the witches with their magic, often in animal form. Hopkins, Matthew, d. 1647. The discovery of witches. London, for R. Royston, 1647; quarto (Sp Coll Ferguson Ag-d.47)

    gli amanti - Iona Tarot

    Daniel Hopfer, Death and the Devil Surprising Two Women, circa 1500-10 (Click on all images to see larger version)

    Tree of life - This first missing page that Diana sees from Ashmole 782

    Devil tarot (Thoth deck)

    "Earth Witch" Shadow Of Night, A Discovery Of Witches, All Souls Trilogy

    La Folie Du L'Alchemiste

    Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 134, f. 100r (devils bite and scratch the damned). Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur. France, c. 1450-1470

    A Discovery Of Witches, Ashmole

    Ripley Scroll - George Ripley (1415 -1490) did not let his Augustinian monk role in Yorkshire prevent him from furthering his education in alchemy by travelling in Europe. After spending time in France and Germany, Ripley settled in Rome for about twenty years with Papal support. At the time of his return to England in 1477, it is alleged that Ripley was already in possession of the secret of transmutation from metal into gold....