Pope Sylvester II and his 'succubus" Meridiana - who prophesied "Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf, for with it she shall destroy the children of night" This was the prophesy which Gerbert told to Ysabeau, and prompted her to begin massive witch hunts


by Chiara Bautista "... It's science." https://www.facebook.com/chiarabautistaartwork?fref=photo&sk=photos

Daniel Hopfer, Death and the Devil Surprising Two Women, circa 1500-10 (Click on all images to see larger version)

Chiara Bautista *

Goya (Spanish, 1746–1828). Nightmare; Witches and Old Women; Album (D), page 20, ca. 1819–23. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1919 (19.27) #witches #Halloween

Enochian. The language of angels, according to John Dee.

Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 134, f. 100r (devils bite and scratch the damned). Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur. France, c. 1450-1470

A Discovery Of Witches, Ashmole

Blood of Space: Alchemical Drawings by David Chaim Smith. Inchoate maps of the un-mappable places of Original Creation involving mad dances through words and sacred geometries, biomorphic and astral thought forms, incantations and exhortations.

La Folie Du L'Alchemiste

Cthulhu Necronomicon page WITCH QUEEN occult horror magick Steampunk. $10.00, via Etsy.

an image from the Aurora Consurgens via Deborah Harkness

an image from the Aurora Consurgens via Deborah Harkness

witchfinder general matthew hopkins

The third missing page of Ashmole 782 was two alchemical dragons, their tails intertwined. A rain of blood fell from their wounds, pooling in a basin, from which sprang dozens of naked, pale figures

Aleister Crowley


The Geese Book (1503-1510). Illustration from the bottom of a page showing a wolf leading a choir of geese, with a fox standing over them. Keeping the fowl singers in line? ...I'll get my coat... New manuscript made available yesterday by the good people at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Punch and Judy & the Devil..... marionettes. vintage French?

Lucifer (composite devil with many heads) being judged by Christ in majesty, while the saints intercede for him. Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur. France, c. 1450-1470. Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 134, f. 67v