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Back to School: Prepping for the First Day

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This bundle helps you prepare to head into the classroom. Whether it's your first year or your tenth, the resources in this carefully curated bundle will help you set up a classroom-wide behavior management plan. Give you ideas for behavioral interventions if you need them, and give you a tool to communicate with your non-verbal or limited verbal students.
Behavior Resources include
Self-Monitoring Classroom-Wide Management Plan
Visual Behavior Activities
On The Go Visuals for Communication
Need some help making sure all of your communication is top-notch? Not a problem. The bundle includes a Subfolder so you can make sure you communicate all of the things your sub will need to know to have a successful day with your students!
The communication resources also include a template for your school supply list and a welcome letter. Lastly, easy communication with parents is a breeze with the parent communication tool included.
Communication Resources include:
Special Education Sub Folder
Family Communication Sheet for Students with Disabilities
Welcome Letter and School Supply List Template: Farmhouse Style
No classroom is complete without a visual schedule for students to follow! Visual schedules are evidence-based practices that research has shown to help to decrease negative behaviors. The classroom jobs help to give a task to each student in your class! Need help writing IEPs? We've got that covered too. Walk step by step on how to write an IEP. You will be an IEP pro in no time!
Organizational Resources:
Chevron Classroom Jobs
All Done: Editable Visual Schedule Cards
So, You Need to Write an IEP? (Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write an IEP)
As a Bonus to get you started on your daily routines, two-morning calendar versions are included to get all of your students engaged in your morning meeting.
Calendar Journal for Morning Work for Visual Learners
Differentiated Morning Meeting Work
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